6 Best Dallas Photography Spots

Getting Ready!

2017 Dallas BlogBest-Dallas-Photography-Spots

DFW is rich in landscape and buildings to get that perfect setup for your next photography shoot. A list of some of the best locations for the occasion below.

1. Deep Ellum Notorious for outdoor Dallas photo shoots, Deep Ellum is definitely the busiest photography location in DFW. Typically, on any given weekend day, you can find at least a dozen photo shoots happening in this thriving Dallas area. With amazing graphics painted on large walls to historic buildings with loads of character, you can find it all here… There’s also Rockit Lab Studios which is a photography rental space located at the quiet end of Deep Ellum, next to Fair Park. When shooting in Deep Ellum for the day, use Rockit Lab Studios for your staging location. Setup model’s clothes and makeup stations, go out and shoot, go back for cold water and a change of attire for the next round of shots. Then go back out and shoot Deep Ellum all over again with a new look. If it starts raining on your shoot, NO WORRIES! Just go back to the lab and finish the shoot indoors with lights and a backdrop. Either way, there are many options in Deep Ellum to have a great session. http://deepellumtexas.com/

2. The Design District This area of Dallas has many great photo opportunities in store. Extensive amounts of building and landscape photos can be taken here. Certain places offer a vantage point for good downtown photos as well. There are many great artists to work in this area too, just do some research and many will pop up. https://dallasdesigndistrict.com/

3. Bishop Arts District This particular section of Dallas has many independent shops, galleries, coffee shops and classic appeal restaurants. If you happen to catch a festival in this area, you can get some good photo opportunities. Vintage photo shoots can be quite successful here as well. http://www.bishopartsdistrict.com/home

4. White Rock Lake Many great places exist to get the perfect photography shot at White Rock Lake in Dallas. With classic fishing docks, trails and perfect Downtown Dallas backdrops; White Rock really has it all. Go during sunset for the best views! http://www.dallasparks.org/235/White-Rock-Lake

5. Farmers Market Tons of activity on Sunday’s along with lots of varieties of colors for great pictures. Dallas Farmers Market is a great place to get shots with active Dallas life and commerce. https://dallasfarmersmarket.org/

6. Crow Collection of Asian Art With thousands of years in history of artifacts and precious collections, there is always a stunning backdrop to a photo op. Needless to say, one of the most educational experiences in Dallas. Close up shots with the proper lenses are really fun at this location. http://crowcollection.org/