Rockit Lab Studios is a recording & photography studio in Dallas, TX. Positioned in the Deep Ellum area, means we are centrally located in between most of Dallas’s music venues & clubs. We offer hourly band rehearsal rooms as well as hourly photography studios. Other departments of Rockit Lab also offer sound rentals and even custom audio/video installations. Ask Rockit Lab for more information!

 Area is safe & has tons of free parking with surveillance cameras & constant police patrols around our streets. We also offer a kitchen, living room & space for events. Open 24/7 once signed up! Must book appointment via phone or email to schedule a visit!



*All services are provide by 3rd party source.

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All Visits Must Have Booked Reservation or Walk Thru Appointment
You MUST read all of our rental agreement before you are allowed to book time at our facility. Below is our policies & practices which must be accepted & agreed to below, in order to gain access to our online calendar.  

1. Rental Term. You are using the Front Room or Photography Space 2  on an hourly basis. An hourly fee is due upon arrival for the reservation. Each client is given a 15 minute grace period before each reservation to setup.  The room goes to whoever has it booked online, no exceptions can be made. Blocked time is tracked with a gift card you bring back each session. *If card is lost, no refund is given just like any other companies gift cards.  

2. Fees. The hourly fee for each room is $50.00 an hour. “All Fees Must Be Paid Upon Arrival”. Blocks of time, users must pay full amount at time of first session. These rates are only good for 3-5 people in a room. More guests are billed at $10.00hr per each 5 guests. 

3. Smoking.  Tobacco is to be smoked outside. 

4. Alcohol & Food. Do not sit drinks or food on gear. Alcohol is allowed at anytime but you and your guests must be responsible drinkers & over 21yrs of age. Remove all trash from room. There is a fridge in the kitchen for food and drinks. Put your name on it, if you don’t want it taken. Always drive safe when leaving our facility. Let us know if we can find you safe transportation. 

5. Condition of the Premises.  You acknowledge at the begining of each rental, that you must examine all areas you enter and make sure they are in good condition before your use. We inspect after each rental. You are given a damage free room & equipment. Notify us immediately if any damage is present. Any damage will be your responsibility once you start your session, even if it is your guests fault. All rooms come with cables and equipment which is labelled, do not remove this equipment from our facility or you will be required to pay for the equipment. Rockit Lab is not liable for your equipment at any point. High Definition camera footage of outside & all commons areas available if there are issues. 

6. Friends and Extra Guests. You assume responsibility for all of your guests. You also promise to not bring people you do not know into Rockit Lab Studios or anyone that is not of sane mind or worthy of trust. Do not allow guests to walk around the facility. Unattended guests will be asked to leave, you must be present at all times with your guests. 

7. Doors. The client will close all doors after every single use. Outside doors must be shut  behind each person when coming and going. 

8. Schedule: The schedule is a first come first serve basis, if someone else books the time first then it is their appointment. We do not manage the schedules. If you need to extend a time-slot then do so immediately to avoid overlaps. You may NOT extend your reservation if someone else has the time booked on the online calendar. 

9. Refunds: We provide no refunds on reservations. We collect payments upon arrival. Once rented, the payment cannot be returned. If the room is not what you require, tell the staff at time of arrival and you are free to depart. Please just delete your reservation online.


*All services are provide by 3rd party source.

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Photography & Rehearsal Studio

Price For All Rooms:

Hourly: $50.00 

We Accept Cash or Credit Payment


*prices based off 5 person max. $10 more per hour for each 5 more people

Paper Backdrop: Included with rental

Soft box and stationary lighting:  Included with rental

15 minutes of setup included with rental

Engineering services for $50.00-$hr

– 10Hr Block: $400 

-20Hr Block: $700



Hourly Rooms:

Photography Room (15x20ft. w/ 12ft. Ceilings)

For photography, our room comes with a stationary 8x12ft. matte white backdrop installed on the wall which is free to use or you can use white, black or grey pulldown paper backdrops free of charge. We offer a 3 point lighting system included with rental. It comes with constant umbrella lights & softbox. We do have a second backup photography room called “Photo Booth 2” for when our front room is booked. See our F.A.Q. section of this site for full photography details. *Also see our other photography page http://www.dallasstudios.net for more info.


Rehearsal Room   (15x20ft. w/ 12ft. Ceilings)

Our band rehearsal room comes with a JBL P.A. system, 2 AKG stage mics w/ stands & cables, a 10 channel mixing board and finally rugs for drums. Load in is easy because you can unload 25 feet from the room door. Couch, tables and chairs are also stocked in the room.



Call Now to Reserve Your Rental! 214.302.7571 Or Email Us At info@rockitlab.net

*All services are provide by 3rd party source.

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We host a wide variety of engineers. All the engineers come with a minimum of 15 years experience each in recording. The engineers that specialize in all forms of music from hip hop, rock, metal, pop & EDM. The producers and engineers have won grammy’s and many other local awards. 

Engineering Services:                                                               Engineering Pricing:

–          Beat Production        –   Studio Rental Combined Rate of $50.00 – $75.00 HR

–          Vocal or Band Recording          –    Track Mixing    $75.00 per Track Flat Rate

–          Mixing & Mastering             –     Mastering is  $50.00-$75.00 per Track Flat Rate

–          Music Distribution                     –  5 Hour Block of Engineering is $225.00   

–          CD Duplication & Printing

–          Music Education & Software Training

They can also provide artist development services in which we assist you in your path of being a successful musician. We are an entire community of people who have a massive amount of knowledge and connections in the music industry. We can help you get your music out there and heard by the masses. It’s up to you to create amazing music people want to hear but after that is complete, we are that next step most people have no path or direction with. Even after you make it big, we know how to manage your success so you get every penny you deserve from the music industry!

Artist Development & Management Services

Website Design | Copywriting | Music Distribution | Photoshoots & Music Videos

Artist Management  | Booking Agency | Tour Management |Contracts & Negotiation

Advertising |Social Media Ad’s

Call or Email for More Information & Pricing!